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Central Banks Buying Equities

The survey of 60 central bankers, overseeing a combined $6.7 trillion, found that low bond returns had prompted almost half to take on more risk. Fourteen said they had already invested in equities or would do so within five years. … Continue reading

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Central Banks Fighting Deflation Worldwide

Central banks in Europe, Japan and  the U.S. are fighting deflationary forces by easing monetary policy and financing government debt.  This may change their roles and expectations in the future as they move closer to the areas of fiscal policy … Continue reading

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Elliott Wave Tracking Page 2013

This is the Robert Prechter Elliott Wave Tracking page for 2013. This page tracks articles on Robert Prechter and his prognostications found in the major news websites. For all news articles on Robert Prechter from the 1980s to 2012, go … Continue reading

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BS on Wallstreet: Why You Get to Keep What the Bulls Leave Behind

According to Paul B. Farrell it’s 13 times more likely that you will hear a lie from Wall Street rather than a truth. He picks the “17 stupidest statements made by Wall Street’s leading minds to illustrate their tendency 93% … Continue reading

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Fed Weighs Cutting Interest on Banks’ Reserves After ECB Move

“They are at the end of their rope and are probably searching for every last option for what they can do,” said Michael Feroli, chief U.S. economist at JPMorgan Chase & Co. in New York  and a former economist for … Continue reading

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Selling State Treasures to Run the State

With their treasuries empty and their finances in the worst condition that any politician alive can remember, European states are selling their state treasures to enable them to run the state. Yet no one really understands the how long and … Continue reading

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Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper Doesn’t Want to Sound Alarmist But…

“I do think in a sense, here, I don’t want to sound too alarmist, but we are kind of running out of runway here,” Harper said Monday. “And in terms of structure of the eurozone and in terms of addressing … Continue reading

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